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Website Update May 2017

As you may (or may not) have noticed we have updated the website slightly this month with a brand new theme. The new theme should make the site a little more mobile friendly and should fix a few issues with update ability that we had with the old theme.

Not only have we brought in a new theme but we have also brought our online shop into our existing website.  Previously the online store and website were two separate entities and existed in their own right.

This integration of the website and web store means that it is less confusing for our customers when navigating between them. Customers now get the same design and menu options if they are shopping with us or just browsing the site looking at our articles.

We are currently in phase 1 of our website and web store merge with further things planned over the next few months to improve usability and the general look of the site.  We will aim to keep you updated when these changes go live and are keen to hear suggestions or error reports from our customers.

Many thanks for your support