Remote Support

remotesupportOur specialists are available to offer remote support to our clients.  Instead of bringing your PC to us or coming out to you we can resolve most issues using a remote connection.If you computer / laptop is able to access the internet using specialist downloaded software we can take control of your system to diagnose faults or to show you the best way to do a certain task.


Ready for Remote Support?

Call or email our support team so that we may assess your requirements and send you the software to download and install.  During peak times you may need to book a time slot for us to look at your system.

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What we do

  • Remotely access you computer / laptop using specialist software via the internet
  • Take control of your PC to run tests
  • Show you how to complete a task
  • Provide you with information while we are working on your system
  • Provide advice and feedback from our session

Unlimited Remote Support

If you need remote support for a number of computers or think that you might be in regular need of remote support you might want to think about one of our Unlimited Remote Support contracts which start from £99 per year.  Click here for unlimited remote support.

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