Hard Drive Recovery

hdd-logoTraditional hard drives in computers can be very temperamental leading to crashes, data corruption and non booting computers.If you are unable to access your hard drive our specialists can attempt and recover damaged or lost data from your hard drive and show you the easiest way to backup your data to prevent the same thing happening again.


What we do

  • Deep scan of hard drive to find lost, missing and corrupt files
  • Recover lost, missing or corrupt files
  • Attempt to fix bad hard drive sectors and damaged drives
  • Backup hard drive onto removable media

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Data Recovery Experts

We have specialist hardware and software on site to aid in the recovery of missing or deleted data.  In most cases we are able to recover data that has been deleted or corrupted in house.

In cases where there is a serious mechanical hard drive problem we have specially selected partners that can retrieve data in laboratory style clean rooms.

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