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Memory not great? Let Cortana remember things for you

With all the things we have to remember in todays society it isn’t surprising that we sometimes forget things or need to be told information more than once.

It isn’t really our fault but what if you had a personal assistant to remember things for you? If your Windows 10 computer has a microphone you can use Cortana as your personal assistant.


Cortana is built into Windows 10 but isn’t enabled by default. To enable Cortana:

  • Click on the Search Bar (normally at the bottom of your screen)
  • A menu will appear now click on the notepad icon which is on the left hand side near the top.
  • Next click on the Settings icon (the one that looks like a cog)
  • This will bring up the Cortana settings.
  •  Enable the Hey Cortana setting and Cortana will now be enabled and listening for your commands.

To get Cortana to remember things for you simply say;

“Hey Cortana remember my nation insurance number is 123456” (for example)

To retrieve information simply ask Cortana:

“Hey Cortana what is my national insurance number?”

This is a great way to store information for almost instant retrieval instead of having to look through documents for numbers or dates for example.  If used properly it can be like having a personal assistant remembering every little detail for you.