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Lock your computer when you walk away from it

As threats from the internet become greater and more publicised it is worth remembering that there can also be threats from inside an organisation or workplace taking place right there physically on your computer.

If your computer is left on and unlocked there is an opportunity for a malicious person to come across to your computer download documents and take them away, access unsafe sites and infect your system with a virus.

To prevent this physical access to your system you should always have a logon password and you should always lock your computer when you walk away from it.

In Windows 10 you can lock your computer by pressing the Windows Key and the letter L.  Simple as long as you remember.

An even simpler way to lock your computer is to pair your phone to your Windows 10 computer so that when you walk away (as long as you take your phone with you) your computer will lock automatically. To set this up your computer will need to have Bluetooth and it will need to be enabled.

To enable dynamic lock:

  • Click on the Settings option in your Start Menu (it looks like a cog)
  • Open ‘Devices and Printers’
  • Click on ‘Add Device’ and pair your phone with the computer
  • Click on Settings again from the start menu and go to ‘Accounts’
  • Go to ‘Sign in Options’
  • Click the checkbox that says ‘Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device’

Once this is clicked you have now enabled dynamic lock.  When you and your phone move away from the computer your computer will automatically lock itself keeping it safe from people who might want to damage your system or steal your information.