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Is your Website Secure?

It’s time to find out if your website is secure ….

This week we have been changing our website to make it more secure and to also make it look better to visitors and Google’s robots.  What is it we have changed that satisfies all three of these? Changing our site to https instead of just http.

What are you on about?

I will demonstrate with these 2 pictures. Number 1 is how our site used to look.

And this is how it now looks.

The Secure padlock creates trust with customers and Google’s crawl robots prefer it as well.

Does this mean the site was not secure before?

Not necessarily.  Our site does not allow customers to login and neither does it take credit card details.  So you could say that our upgrade is purely for Google’s benefit and to look more secure to our customers – essentially a cosmetic change. But this change is needed as soon any website that is served like our site used to be (on http) will look like this

EEK! That’s a big red flag to your customers and definitely not what you want them seeing when they visit your site.

Check your site

How does your site appear in your search bar? If it comes up as secure pat yourself or your web guy on the back.  If it isn’t coming up as secure you need to make sure that you get it changed as soon as possible even if you don’t allow login or allow people to purchase from your site

If you need any advice or help getting your site ‘Secure’ please get in touch.